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The C64 version is horrible not because the computer is not able, it's horrible because the C64 use this special palette
Colors/chosen color palettes doesn't make bad games. Otherwise tons of early Mega Drive, PC-Engine, NES and even some SNES game classics were crap.

Further more, even with the fastload fitted, a C64 can't go faster than a mere 464 for loading games.

A 464 for tape games can go as far as 6500 bauds in speed. It's not theorical, i have tested games crunched and encoded in tapes at this speed.
Never bought unreliable tapes. I had a C64+Floppy with hardware speeder (Speed Dos) and most of the cracks and a lot of original disk games had software fastloader too. And they can load very fast, but i know that your C64 knowledge is very limited.

If you give the choice to people to choose between a Toy called computer as complicated as expensive the C64 price here was around 10000 francs with a colour monitor in 1983 (without the datasette and i don't even talk about the floppy disk drive, with it, the computer price raise to 12000 francs) and a CPC 6128 which costed 10000 francs with a color screen, a printer and the Amx mouse and a lightpen !
Wow, this was 1985 much more expensive than the initial sales price for a C64+monitor+datasette in Germany 1983. Probably 50%+

Same applies to Turrican 2.
They sold 15000-20000 copies and it was big flop money-wise. Rainbow Arts and Factor 5 said that over 20 years ago.

We don't need 25fps on 8 bit computer. since those computers had low power to animate the game, it's useless.
A lot of C64 games scrolls in 25 fps or even 50 fps. That makes them smooth, just like a lot of the Atari 8bit games. And there is enough CPU time (due to the hardware scrolling) to create smooth animations too. But if you only played the crappy arcade ports... The CPC has to calculate/render everything in software with CPU power, the C64 not. That's why the most actions games runs in jerky 7-15 frames with a tiny viewable display.

But since it's oldish crap, i'm not using this, i'm using the standard RGB output with a scart cable. I don't need at all any expensive converter, it works right out of the box.
A C64 can't output a RGB signal. If you use a scart cable it's the inferior composite signal, unless your TV supports S-Video via Scart (mostly Scart-2 on European TVs).

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