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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
I'm shocked that you really believe what you're writting here. If you haven't got access to a cheap machine to play games the CPC was maybe an alternative for your French guys at that time.
The C64 was sold in every hypermarkets here when the CPC hit the shelves.

And we all know the story : the c64 has been murdered by the CPC

It's not even a story of price. Most people and parents just tought :

"- the sound is great, but i won't be such a high price for a toy and what's this color scheme ? Were they smokin' weed or something ?"

The thing became so embarrassing for sellers in IT hypermarkets that those were sending back to Commodore France all their computers, as so many machines were sold (the proportions were epic!) and they could not sold not even a quarter of the units they sold for CPC.

But honestly, they were arcades too in France. So you could compare these games with the lousy ports.
Absolutely. Arcade were big in the eighties in France, you're right on this matter. But the C64 never matched what we wanted to have.

We wanted colorful games with vivid colors, like the kind of palettes used on the Amiga or CPC.

TMNT 2 for instance is really a great port considering the difficulty of the conversion. Same for Shadow Dancer.

We loved the coin-op (my god, oh many coins i used in the arcade machine during my holidays in international/french campsites !

And we were eagerly awaiting for the conversion on CPC. As usual Dave Semmens did a great job

The C64 version is horrible not because the computer is not able, it's horrible because the C64 use this special palette, totally unsuited for most games because coin-ops and amiga or ST use vivid palettes, as a result, it's complicated to get the real deal.

Why in hell would anybody want to collect these garbage, they are unplayable and a better in nostalgia. The CPC has a few good games which are playable but surely nothing you mentioned here the last few days.

All the games i mentioned are regarded as classics. I don't know where you got it that those were garbage. On C64 yes unfortunately, but not on CPC, they sold very well

For action games: As i said before. Smooth scrolling (at least running stable in 25 fps) and good responsive controls. These are the basics and the CPC couldn't handle it for action games.
We don't need 25fps on 8 bit computer. since those computers had low power to animate the game, it's useless.

It was never build for action games. Also the CPC never had anything with similiar quality like Mansion Mansion, Last Ninja II, Bard's Tale, Ultima, Wizball, Hawkeye, Armalyte, IO, Epyx Games Serie, Project Firestorm, Neuromancer etc.
Maniac Mansion is horrible (even on amiga). Last Ninja II is a crap conversion typically the kind of game the CPC could have given the C64 a run for its money, alas, the conversion team were speccy lovers, who prefered to make running a speccy emulator on the CPC.

Bard's Tale I on CPC is absolute rubbish. Why ? It's a C64 port, with crap graphics and awful colors. This is one of the example i gave earlier, when the CPC got awful ports of the C64 assets. They should have been shot for that.

The Turrican ports are laughable at best (Julian Eggebrecht was more than dissapointed).
Certainly not. this game has been a great success on CPC, rainbow arts sold a lot of them, it's a gem and a very sought for game by most collectors.

Same applies to Turrican 2.

Julian being disappointed ? Ahah You bet !

"Oh no, the game is better looking on the CPC than on the C64 eeekkkk "
"How dare you?? Just you wait, dirtying the c64 like that !"

Nonense. Probably too expensive for the French market. And the C64 doesn't fit with the SECAM norm on French TVs. So you needed surely some kind of converter that worsend the signal even more.
Not nonsense. The C64 was way too expensive for what it could do. The CPC allowed to do overall more thing than the C64 for half the price, a color monitor and a printer. This has been the nail in the coffin for the C64 in our country.

If you give the choice to people to choose between a Toy called computer as complicated as expensive the C64 price here was around 10000 francs with a colour monitor in 1983 (without the datasette and i don't even talk about the floppy disk drive, with it, the computer price raise to 12000 francs) and a CPC 6128 which costed 10000 francs with a color screen, a printer and the Amx mouse and a lightpen !

Just guess what they would choose ?

Further more, even with the fastload fitted, a C64 can't go faster than a mere 464 for loading games.

A 464 for tape games can go as far as 6500 bauds in speed. It's not theorical, i have tested games crunched and encoded in tapes at this speed.

the main floppy drive for a C64 is also notoriously slow. A CPC disk drive runs faster too than this one and never costed so much.

The (my) c64 fits very well with the secam norm since the french models got an electronic card for that made by PROCEP. But since it's oldish crap, i'm not using this, i'm using the standard RGB output with a scart cable. I don't need at all any expensive converter, it works right out of the box.
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