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I'm shocked that you really believe what you're writing here. If you haven't got access to a cheap machine to play games the CPC was maybe an alternative for your French guys at that time.

But honestly, they were arcades too in France. So you could compare these games with the lousy ports. Why in hell would anybody want to collect these garbage, they are unplayable and better in nostalgia. The CPC has a few good games which are playable but surely nothing you mentioned here the last few days.

For action games: As i said before. Smooth scrolling (at least running stable in 25 fps) and good responsive controls. These are the basics and the CPC couldn't handle it for action games. It was never build for action games. Also the CPC never had anything with similiar quality like Mansion Mansion, Last Ninja II, Bard's Tale II+III, Ultima, Wizball, Hawkeye, Armalyte, IO, Epyx Games Serie, Project Firestorm, Neuromancer etc. The Turrican ports are laughable at best (Julian Eggebrecht was more than dissapointed).

Like many people we hated the c64 color schemes, making the computer fails big time in our country.
Nonense. Probably too expensive for the French market. And the C64 doesn't fit with the SECAM norm on French TVs. So you needed surely some kind of converter that worsens the signal even more.

The Amiga was welcome much much more welcomed here because it has the awesome colors you can find on the CPC
I was welcome because it had technically good games after they've stopped porting the 1:1 crap from the ST. It has nothing to do with colors.

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