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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
You mention only shitty games, mostly lousy arcade ports. They are bad on all 8bit systems.
certainly not. Those games sold very well on Amstrad CPC and are sought after by collectors.

They are mostly rubbish on the C64. Don't blame the coders for that.

From the start, the amiga and ST use a color scheme like the one used on the CPC, not like the one on c64.

This makes a huge difference. Look : at the beginning of the CPC life, we had ports from the C64. The graphics were as horrible as the originals on the C64.

I can talk about it, i have dumped more than 1000 commercial tapes on the amstrad CPC, and seen the carnage.

Once the coders in game companies understood that the CPC could have better games if they started conversions with Amiga or ST assets, things changed completely.

We passed from shitty games coming from the C64 or even ZX spectrum, (yes because some of them thought that it was funny to make C64 or ZX emulated routines transcoded directly for the z80 processor, just to make the computer slower than it was really!) to great 16 color games.

An example : if the guys at probe choosed the C64 assets of turrican (I or II it doesn't matter), the CPC version would have been really shitty.

Instead, Darren White (the CPC coder), got access to the Amiga Turrican assets, allowing him to make an awesome port of turrican I on CPC.

The size of the screen is completely secondary, the maps have exactly the same sizes as the Amiga version, and since it's the best version around, it's a clever choice.

Same for Turrican 2, Rob Holhmann from enigma variation worked out from the ST assets of Turrican II.

I did the maps of the CPC version, and for fuck sake, it's the same as the 16 bits version, which is superior to the original c64 release.

There are many examples, where even a legend like David Perry of Aladdin's fame just did wonders on the CPC. All 16 colors, hard scroll and so on.

WTF?! The CPC version runs in a tiny postage stamp display (extrem big border to save peformance) and with 7-10 Frames. Jerky as hell. Seriously Denis, you make yourself a fool. And i don't know why.
"Size doesn't matter" Retro, do i need to point it to you ?

Shadow Dancer is more playable than many ST games or even C64 games to me.

I own a C64 since quite a long time now, and while it's easy to recognize that the SID chip is great, lookin at the games using the best musics is a pain for the eyes color wise.

Like many people we hated the c64 color schemes, making the computer fails big time in our country.

The Amiga was welcome much much more welcomed here because it has the awesome colors you can find on the CPC and the not the color scheme of the c64 which was a repulsive to just a million of people here

Another game in a tiny display with big black borders. Runs maybe in 10-12 frames.
I don't care a game use 10 or 12 frames per sec (we're talking about 8 bits machine, and it doesn't count really).

It's way more a problem to me on the Atari ST or the Amiga to have such a low frame rate.

Could be the winner for the tiniest display of all CPC games. The tiny diplay includes a big status screen too. So the actual resolution is what for the game action? Ridiculous! But the C64 version is of course crap too, probabably converted from the Spectrum. Only the Sega Saturn port is a good one.
Just take your fair share Retro, Chase HQ on CPC is a great game, Ocean sold tons of those on the Amstrad CPC in UK, France, Spain.

Mind you, the C64 market share was 25% in UK ? It was 0% in France in 1990, when the Amstrad CPC was 60% of market share here!

What you do is comparing bad arcade ports with bad arcade ports. You should compare more non-arcade/exclusive games. Some that weren't rushed for the cheap money.
The games i'm talking about were successes in hypermarkets and are sought for by people.

You're a bit too blind due to the c64 don'tcha ?
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