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Ok. Is that just the way WinUAE configures the slot? The physical RAM expansions were configured in whatever way allowed the memory to be under the 16MB address limit. I don't know the technical details of how it worked though.

I've been testing with everything on cycle exact and high compatibility modes. I haven't checked any benchmarks yet to see if there's a performance difference between the two, but I can try that.


I've tried a couple of tests. Configuring the A1200 cycle exact, with the only difference being 4MB of RAM being in the CPU slot and Z2 setting, the benchmark result in Sysinfo is identical (3173). However, the Z2 setting RAM is mapped at $200000 while the slot RAM is mapped at $800000. Perhaps Sysinfo is determining whether it's 32bit or 16bit simply by the address?

Again though, processor slot RAM won't show up at all under KS 3.0, only 3.1.

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