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You mention only shitty games, mostly lousy arcade ports. They are bad on all 8bit systems.

shadow Dancer too, the c64 version is an horror in box, while the CPC version is giving the c64 a run for its money. It has a smooth scrolling, parallax, big sprites, great colors, and it's based on the 16 bits machines graphics.
WTF?! The CPC version runs in a tiny postage stamp display (extrem big border to save peformance) and with 7-10 Frames. Jerky as hell. Seriously Denis, you make yourself a fool. And i don't know why.

Shinobi is also another candidate. I have the game on c64, it doesn't go anywhere near as the CPC version, which is more colored, has better graphics, and icing on the cake, digitized voices than even the c64 is not able !
Another game in a tiny display with big black borders. Runs maybe in 10-12 frames.

Chase HQ is also a game where the c64 version, is..... how to say ?
_Rubbish_ when the CPC version has great graphics, animation, digitized voices ?
Could be the winner for the tiniest display of all CPC games. The tiny diplay includes a big status screen too. So the actual resolution is what for the game action? Ridiculous! But the C64 version is of course crap too, probabably converted from the Spectrum. Only the Sega Saturn port is a good one.

What you do is comparing bad arcade ports with bad arcade ports. You should compare more non-arcade/exclusive games. Some that weren't rushed for the cheap money.

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