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Originally Posted by tomcat666 View Post
";; The effect relies on the reaction of the monitor to the horizontal sync from
;; the CRTC so it is only guaranteed to work properly on a real Amstrad CPC
;; with an Amstrad monitor."

I know a lot of people that use non-Amstrad monitors on their CPC's (myself included), so this scrolling doesn't work for me and those people. Useless...
It's a complete myth. I use no amstrad monitor, and there is no scrolling problem at all.

The CPC can do hardware scrolling, it's just that the developers were spending too much time on the ZX and c64 versions.....

the CRTC's problems are mostly a demo's problem rather than commercial video games problem.

My 464,464+,6128 use the retroshack scart cable, producing an awesome combination.

i use my CPCs on a huge Philips 16/9 HD TV, and the display is fabulous.

When i connect on it my oldish C64 breadbin (even fully recapped, and entirely restored) + the lumafix, it's really.... ahhemmm..... very unbalanced depending on the games.

For instance, when i play Deliverance Stormlord 2 on C64, the graphics rendering is better with nicer colors on my CPC, than on my C64.
and the 50 fps scrolling on it doesn't save the whole thing.

Same for Robocop, graphically it's 20 times better than what i get for the very same game on my c64 (and its bugs on the later levels.... ).

Teenage Mutant hero turtles the coin-op, same thing. The C64 version is fast but has crap graphics, while the CPC version is slower but playable with awesome graphics coming from the 16 bits version but really better

shadow Dancer too, the c64 version is an horror in box, while the CPC version is giving the c64 a run for its money. It has a smooth scrolling, parallax, big sprites, great colors, and it's based on the 16 bits machines graphics.

Shinobi is also another candidate. I have the game on c64, it doesn't go anywhere near as the CPC version, which is more colored, has better graphics, and icing on the cake, digitized voices than even the c64 is not able !

Chase HQ is also a game where the c64 version, is..... how to say ?
_Rubbish_ when the CPC version has great graphics, animation, digitized voices ?

and i can go on and on.
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