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Originally Posted by KISSMAD View Post
I've forgotten everything about the Amiga but correct me if I'm wrong. The A500 only has a DD drive and not a HD drive. As the Amiga will be mainly for dumping disks then I'll probably need a HD drive as well.
What disks do you intend to dump? Practically no Amiga software was delivered on high density floppies, as only the A3000 & A4000 were sold with HD drives.

If you want to just dump all types of disks - not actually use the A500 to run software - it'd be much easier to get a Kryoflux setup and do it on a modern system. A bare bones A500 doesn't even have enough RAM to hold an image of one floppy disk in memory, and transferring the image to a PC or anywhere else is going to be a hassle.
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