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Originally Posted by Zilog View Post
personaly i want that i use resolution not laced ( 320,640,1280 x 256) it possibile attive Mask scaline and scaling 2x (vertical), while i use resolution laced ( 320,640,1280x 512) it possibile deactive mask scaline and use scaling 1x (vertical).
Something like this should work (requires 330b7 or newer)

displaydata=nlace,cmd=gfx_filter_mask=<mask file>,gfx_filter_vert_zoom_multf=2

First line means: if not lace ("nlace"), then modify following command line entries. Second line does the same for interlace mode ("lace").

Other supported display mode parameters are:

- v=value (if vertical line count equals value)
- h=value (if horizontal color clock count equals value)
- lores
- hires
- shres
- ntsc
- pal
- nvsync (only if vsync disabled)
- vsync (only if vsync enabled)
- lof (non-lace long fields only)
- shf (non-lace short fields only)
- rtg (rtg only)

Command line parameters are only modified when all listed parameters match with current screen mode.
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