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I consider the C64 to be nothing more than the venerable ancestor of the Amiga 1000.
A machine to experiment mostly, but never on earth aimed at producing anything worthwhile (OK, may be not to that extend ).
The shape of better things to come from Commodore, a glimpse into the future,
historically important but a forgettable attempt at the same time...

Thing is, I never regretted my choice of the CPC6128 back in the early 80s.
If there's one thing I should regret, it's to have missed the impressive ColecoVision
(that jaw dropping Smurf game...) system, and be stuck with the Atari VCS2600.

A friend tried recently to bring the subject about how innovative was the MSX, but frankly I couldn't bring myself to buy / trade this old gear we used to gather around again, MSX, Master System and so on... Whereas a CPC bearing a few modifications remains tempting for many people even today. The weird and somehow artificial palette brings a touch of fantasy, not for everyone for sure but I do like it.

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