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Truth be told, the only good CPC games were ZX Spectrum ports with added 3 colours. Stuff like Knight Lore, Head over Heels, etc. those were basically the same as zx spectrum versions but had some more colour.
There are a few OK games on the CPC otherwise, especially the ones that came really late in its life, but honestly, most of them were crap compared to C64 counterparts. I cannot think of any really good CPC game (that wasn't a ZX port) but can think of hundreds great C64 games.
The Palette has 27 colours but so many of those look alike - there are so many pinks, violets and blue hues VERY close together that it just mostly hurts your eyes. It completely lacks natural colours and greys. They say C64 has mostly brown and grey shades while it actually has 2 browns and 3 greys and those 3 greys are what made most of the games what they are... people normally use 2 of those for all sprites and have 1 more distinct color on each sprite with backgrounds having all the rest, which was enough to get great looking games. Smooth scrolling and sprites (together with some nifty VIC2 tricks) were the reason why we get really great games on the C64.

People saying that CPC was better than C64 in ANY aspect are either totally blind, colour blind or blind with nostalgia
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