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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Compare this- [ Show youtube player ] on CPC, With this- [ Show youtube player ] or [ Show youtube player ] on C64.
The C64 is as smooth as butter while still looking great, the CPC is not smooth at all in this game!
Hawkeye! That's the first game that came to mind when watching the CPC one... Yup. Smoothness definitely has a large impact with certain game types, especially fast action.

Originally Posted by teppic View Post
It looked great in screenshots, as the low res mode easily beat the Spectrum and C64 in terms of colour. But lacking any of the hardware scrolling and sprites of the C64, and the simpler but very fast graphics of the Spectrum, it usually had dreadful scrolling and slow graphics.
Yeah the colour was great, there were some fantastic loading screens too, plenty of good artists making use of that palette. Don't want to slam the CPC to hard... B.A.T. is a good example of playing to the CPC's strengths.

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