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Originally Posted by cgugl View Post
We know the problem, It depends by the low frequencies of your core.
Your vampire has a 77mhz core (X11), but it's designed to run at 84 or 91mhz.
For that reason, when the core runs in chip-memory, it seems slow.
When a core X12 will be released, the problem will resolve itself.

Gunnar showed me also a core that runs very fast in chip-mem (with fastmem disabled, sysinfo gives 3,5mips),
but i don't know if it has sideeffects and when it will be released.
thats good news thanks.

does it resolves the games that go to fast monkey island and state of the art demo ?

and to eXeler0 i tried both whdload and booting from floppy, same issue.
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