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I prefer one with KS1.3 than KS1.2. Compatibility isn't an issue and the improvements are worth it. IMO, for a simple A500 as the one you describe, I wouldn't pay more than 40€. However, well kept and non-yellowed Amigas have been experiencing an increase in value and it's not rare to see such a simple config rated at about 120€ to sometimes even 200€. Adding the postage prices for Australia increases the costs even further. Amiga hardware is quite over-priced due to a "bubble effect" inflation mechanism triggered by the large surge in demand (probably caused by the fact that many early Amiga users are now reaching their mid-ages and succumbing to nostalgia). Predictions say that the prices may increase even further before they plummet once again. It's hard to predict when the Amiga market may plummet, so waiting around until it does may not be the best strategy. Good luck.
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