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I got my Vampire 2 a few weeks ago.

yes its fast...doom is very smooth

but my main use was for whdload for games (and some floppy)

I have a few issues..

a reply from the apollo core team say they know about a bug that will be fixed in the gold core.

any game that runs from chip ram runs slow. I mean slower than a stock A600

can anyone with beta core try a couple of games for me and see if its been fixed.

1, Secret of monkey island runs WAY to fast
2, Elite Frontier II is a joy to play very smooth
3, Monkey Island II very smooth great to play.

4, Hybris runs slower than stock A600
5, Virus runs slower than stock A600
6, Stunt Car Racer runs slower than stock A600
7, ZeeWolf runs slower than stock A600

I have tried the above games from floppy and the same result.

Oh! and the "State of the Art" demo runs too fast and messes up on the screen (doesn't crash)


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