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Pinball Prelude CD: Can't run this through any Workbench/CLI.

(I'm not dead, people! Just so you know.)

Okay, so there's this official CD-ROM version of Pinball Prelude that's been floating around for years now. Under the latest WinUAE (3.2.2), it seems to run okay when loaded directly as a CD≥≤ title under a CD≥≤ setup, but there's some added benefit to using the CD within a WB environment as you can choose to run or install the OCS or AGA versions of the game. Only problem atm is that attempting to choose any table from the unique frontend (unique as in it's exclusive to the CD version and the floppy versions don't have it) just quits you back to WB with the following, somewhat unhelpful error:
System Request

Error Reading File


Now I'm aware that the HD-installer typically applies encryption to the data files it copies and ties it to the specified HD path, or even your specific hardware setup (I forget which), so you can't just copy the game to any Amiga you like and run it willy nilly. However, I'm seeing this error pop up literally within the same WB environment, without even resetting first.

It doesn't matter if I install the full game to HD, or just the executable (to run in conjunction with the CD). I can't even get it to run directly from the damn CD! I tried switching between AmiCDFS and CacheCDFS, and I've tried to run this game both from ClassicWB and from a quickly-made stock WB3.1 setup. It just ain't budging.

What's odd is that I swear I got this game to run from HD with no problem before, under a previous version of WinUAE. Can't quite remember how long ago now though, nor the specific WUAE build I was using at the time. At this stage it looks less like an encryption protection trip error and more like it just struggles to acknowledge the contents of the IMG file at the very least, from HD or CD.

Seeing as it's not on the File Server (only an unofficial Ninjaw-made ISO which is completely different), I'll just point to the very first googled link to the game in question so Toni et al can dissect the heck out of it. I did hack the installer program previously to disable all encryption attempts and install clean files, but it doesn't seem to make any difference in this case.
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