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Originally Posted by DisposableHero View Post
In all honesty the CPC suffered from Lame Spectrum Ports to a greater extent than the Amiga suffered from Lame ST Ports - by the time enough programmers realised it was superior hardware, the 16-bits had come along and the CPC wasn't cutting edge anymore. Stuff like Zap't'Balls, Prehistorik 2 and Bunny Bricks go far beyond what a Spectrum could do on a technical level, and give the C64 a run for its money. Had it been released 6 months after the Spectrum and not 2 years, things may have been different.

It did so well in France partly because they used a different video standard to the rest of Europe, meaning that an unmodified Spectrum or C64 could only display in monochrome on a normal French TV, so the cost of the Amstrad's inbuilt monitor was nullified.
About France and c64, let me tell you how things really happened :

1) the c64 was sold in the biggest hypermarkets in France

2) It was overly expensive compared to what it could bring to the final user.

3) It was seen as a toy, when the CPC was seen as a family computer

4) Most people don't give a fuck about computers needing a monitor not sold with them

5) the horrible color palette of the C64 was a full repelant for most users, when my own father had to choose between the CPC and C64, not only the price was irrealist, but he thought that the colors were really crap, like million other people here.

The C64 had oldish graphics, and the CPC brought really better overall graphics, and had tons of peripherals, and a great support.

6) Next the CPC got an immense support from the engineers in companies throught all the country.

In France, engineers made so much for the CPC that the c64 got killed and removed from the shops.

For 1 c64 sold, more than 50 CPC were sold. Things went so bad for Commodore France that they almost went bankrupt, and were saved by the Amiga, with which they did not made the same mistake :

They sold a balanced computer, with vivid colors and hardware scroll and awesome sound for the right price.
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