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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
It's about playability, level design, controls, smooth scrolling and then a last graphics and music. And especially in the first 4 mentioned categories the CPC sucks for action games often enough. The better Plus models came out when the system was already dead.
I'm sorry, but to me a game with playabilty, level design (on 8 bits machines ? don't make me laugh !), controls, smooth scrolling and shit graphics is equivalent to the chocolate offered for christmas.

All the ingredients are quality, and when you taste the chocolate, it taste like shit.

It's useless to have a 50 fps scrolling, playability and shit graphics.

I have tried quite a number of game on my own C64, and god oh god,
most of the time, only the music saves the games.

I own Golden Axe and Robocop 3. Both have awesome and beyond the walls musics, but for fuck sake, the graphics are a torture, how to have pleasure with visually it's so dark, grey, brown poop, pee pee yellow ?

Hand me a gun, i shot myself in the head !

I prefer an 8 bit game with modest pretentions as well as beautiful graphics and correct sound, correct playability than a "jerk-fest" running at 50 fps with parallax scrolling and colors for the blind !

It's the same on amiga, i don't understand C64 lovers blaming the amstrad for its vivid colors, when the amiga also offers vivid colors and not the shit color palette range from the c64.

I love games with beautiful graphics, and i don't give any credit to a game using 50 frames per seconds, with great music and good playability and shot down by rubbish graphics.

To me it's like inviting me in a great restaurant and then pooping in my plate.

It's a torture to play a game painted or drawed by a blind graphist which only know brown and grey
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