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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The good news is that I finally found the time to set the machine up that I got from JDB. I can reproduce the problem, and we've started to investigate it: It doesn't seem to be a hardware problem, as all access methods work fine, and a test routine specifically written to fix this issue doesn't show any errors.
Sounds great that some progress is being made towards solving this issue that seems to affect so many people.

Any chance you could also test the issues that I seem to have with my A600? I think it should be a common platform for you since it is all IC hardware in it.
A600 rev. 2D + ACA620 rev. 2 + A604(not n) + Indivision ECS (with fix) + RapidRoad + Asixeth-based USB Ethernet adapter (similar to Apple model, however this is a cheap copy). 5V@floppy header is around 4.75V is that is significant (it is 5V inside PSU).
After a little ethernet traffic through either AmiTCP or Miami, Poseidon seems to crash, reporting ethernet nak timeouts. The quickest way to reproduce it is to connect the Ethernet adapter before powering on the Amiga and then it will crash usually after doing just 2-3 ping packets, sometimes even before it manages to get one through.

I have no issues with USB keyboard or mice so it seems limited to Ethernet.

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