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See no added value in such things like HAM10 nowadays (as it can be simulated in software and just unrolled to hicolor/truecolor buffer by blitter for example) - instead of this it will be better to provide some hardware assisted decompression (video/audio), color space conversion (programmable coefficients in matrix so for example RGB can be converted to YCoCg or YCbCr and vice versa), resizer with programmable up/down scaling.
Copper is nice thing but i would add conditional jump, some ALU so it should be capable to perform also simple operation on data - perhaps to avoid blocking bus some local (cache like) buffer for Copper list (HW loop capabilities etc) - maybe combined Copper with Blitter.

Probably most important HW is good emulation for ICS/OCS/ECS/AGA and overlying such video on top of RTG screen (independent plane with own priority and perhaps alpha to control transparency).
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