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Yes, I think that You are bit right.
When I play it for a first time. I skip too fast intro and I left this game after few minutes of flying on first stage. It was my mistake. That was my first experience with this game.
To admire it, You need to spend more time on it. It's not like a very great game, but it's also not average one, it's just a good game with some small issues. Graphic and sound are at high bar, game got big sprites, fast animation and catchy music. It should start with normal vertical or horizontal shmup level and than switch to 360 degree levels for better representation. Second issue is amount of money You need to grind to upgrade Your ship and even if there is no effect of those upgrades on 360 levels You will see that first guns are very week on other levels, while upgraded stuff can kill bosses in few shoots.
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