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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
You do NOT diss the great AGA God in front of ME, sir! I don't care if it has design flaws, they're easily compensated for by faster processors anyway! AGA allowed the Amiga to be up there with the PC on the Demoscene, whereas it would've failed years ago. Besides, I just LUUUURVE those subtle shades and millions of colours!
I told you to stay off the mushrooms man 😆
No but seriously.. If Commodore had some kind of decent R&D budget, and the A1200 would have gotten something closer to AAA and ppl wouldn't have abandoned it so fast when Doom arrived on PCs.
If you look at it objectively, yes it's improved over ECS.. but honestly consider the time frame between the two in relation to the improvement in what we got and then it's not such an impressive achievement. .. The PC graphics market was picking up pace at the time.. it was not a good time to sit on your ass and hope for the best from your delayed 5 year development plans...
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