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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
If there is interest, i've created a Video Tutorial on how to install Real Amiga AGA on WinUAE starting from the Workbench floppy OS3.1
a hardfile preformatted in SFS and the Amiga OS3.9 CD. Of course the real compared to the video times are much longer, to speed up the tutorial I cut the expectations of the update.

[ Show youtube player ]
AMIGASYSTEM I'm grateful that you've made the video, but I would make some changes. For example:

- I would start showing your WinUAE configuration, how to make it.
- Then I would show how to create a hdf (950Mb at least)
- I have the idea that it's necessary to create and use the Emergency Disk to create an OS3.9, but maybe I'm wrong. I've always heard that. I know it can be created without it, just like you show in the video, but I'm not sure if it has all of the necessary files.
- I would show how to install BB1 and BB2 too.
- I would show how to copy the MUI key to S
- And at the end, when everything is updated and running I would show how to change "everything" downloading and installing the Picasso rom in Windows for WinUAE (and telling from where) and then I would use in the video "Better Config" as you know, to change all of the environment and use RTG.

Finally, if you want somebody searching and finding how to install AKReal, change the name of the video, don't use Real Amiga, but something about how to install AKReal or AmiKit Real.

Of course your video will always be unofficial, unless it's approved.

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