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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Same YouTuber made another video about same game [ Show youtube player ]
Came here to edit my original post - but you beat me to it, thanks!

This is actually just a re-edit of the original video, to cut out a lot of the empty spaces in the original vid, and a lot of a waffling and stronger opinions I express which I felt lowered the tone of the video a little. I'm also doing the same with Granny's Garden right now.

Ever since doing this live stream I've developed a bit of a fascination with the game, as weird as that might seem. As stated in the video, Storyland 2 was the very first game my Dad entrusted me with, before eventually giving me the Amiga outright. I've been trying to hunt down the original developers by name out of personal interest, but haven't been able to find a thing. The search continues. I've also since discovered since making this video that I no longer own my original disk, much to my disappointment.

Thanks for posting again, I'm glad to have been able to document such a little known game that holds a soft spot not only in my memories - but bizarrely my partner who also played it when she was growing up with the Amiga too. Out of all the games!
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