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Just installed a RapidRoad in my 600 and it seems to work fine with a Mouse and a USB stick, but I am having trouble with a USB Ethernet adapter. I have set up AmiTCP to use usbasixeth.device and I have been able to log on to my NAS through ftp.
When I start AWeb it seems to crash the USB stack and I get the error 'Eth transmit failed: nak timout(10)' in Trident. When it happens, I also lose the mouse and can only fix it by setting the controller Offline and then back online.

Have anyone else gotten this kind of USB Ethernet adapter to work successfully? I am not sure if it is related to the A4000+X-Surf problem that people seem to be having which is also nak timeouts.
Hello. I had the same problem with usbasixeth-based Ethernet adapter (namely the Apple USB-Etherner adapter). In my case, after the "nak timeout" message appeared, the USB stack was pretty much frozen (not even a flash drive worked) and I had to remove the adapter and restart the stack.

In order for the set up to work, follow this procedure: disconnect the adapter from your Amiga (if it's connected), disconnect the ethernet cable from the adapter, if your adapter was connected you will need to restart the Poseidon stack, plug the adapter into the USB port (without the ethernet cable), wait for Poseidon to discover the device, plug in the ethernet cable and start the TCP stack. Despite the fact that Poseidon doesn't log the cable being plugged in, the connection will work.

I tested this with AmiTCP and Miami. When connected this way, both stacks work just fine. IBrowse, AmIRC, AmFTP and even twittAmiga work reliably, too.
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