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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Always mention names! It is also not too rare that some demos are actually broken (by design even!) and won't work with real hardware either.
OK, the C64 demo in question is "Dutch Breeze" by Blackmail, and as I said it doesn't fully work with WinVICE. Nor in fact, did it fully work with CCS64. It only ran via some newer emulator called Hoxs64.

When it doesn't work, it's always at the same point, just after you press space on a large scroller and before some little animated cow chewing the cud in the middle of the screen.

EDIT: Sorry, I did mention a couple of A500 demos that were glitchy. Well, if I recall, they were:

Virtual Meltdown by Paradise (several little glitches)
End of the Misery by Sagazity (see below)

The trouble is, with the second one, the glitch is gone if I run it in A600 mode, only to crash later on, but in A500 mode the glitch is there but it runs all the way through. That's what I remember.

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