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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Ciao AmigaSystem:
Well, BB3 o 4 are unofficial, so I can not give support to them. It is better if you start with an OS3.9 BB2 and you stay with that.
I confirm the problem missing characters it was due to BB3-BB4, remade the installation of OS3.9 base and everything works perfectly (attaching video). Then I added later on RealAMiGA BB1 and BB2 and I encountered some problems on icons become default OS3; probably to avoid this it is best to do before upgrading BB1-BB2 and after install RealAMiGA.

Surely yes. I don't use UAEGFX because although AKReal plays perfect under emulation, I don't like to use emulated drivers; they have to emulate real hardware. To install Picasso you have to disable first CyberBugFixAGA.
You confirm, disabling the command CyberBugFixAGA, You are obtained by the resolution UAEGFX, but it needs a lot of work to set everything at high resolutions.

The problems with the characters and RTG may be because of any preference you are using, or surely because you haven't disabled cyberbugfixaga.
No, this had not solved the problem

Are you installing the Picasso on WinUAE preparing it for a real Amiga?
No, I turn on my Amiga for over 20 years (A4000 / 060, A1200, A600, A500, CD32)

Did a little review RealAMiGA HERE on Amigapage and HERE on AmigaNews

[ Show youtube player ]

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