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Good to read there is still a pulse to this topic Here's what will be ahead for the Amiga Stack Exchange site once I propose it:

Phase 1: Definition
We need at least 40 questions created with a score of at least 10 net votes.
If we don't meet the target, the site doesn't get created.
if we do, we go to the next phase, which is...

Phase 2: Commitment
Petitioning takes place for contributors to commit to supporting the sites by signing the petition. There are no criteria defined for moving t
o the next phase, so I assume it is time based:

Phase 3: Beta
Important points here:
"Earliest questions set the tone and topic of the site for a long time".
Promote the site on social media, friends, blogs, groups etc to increase engagement
An 'unused' site will be deleted.
"Questions [should] get good answers quickly"
An FAQ must be developed during this phase, moderators assigned and design refined.

Finally, if we reach "critical mass" we are deemed successful. The definition of critical mass is a little vague[1] but it seems the consensus
is, just give it a try[1].

I'll try to involve some podcasts in the early stages to see who else can support us out of the definition phase. Then around the beta phase, an assault on facebook, google plus, twitter, various boards, blogs, mailing lists (do they still exist?), podcasts, magazines etc would be preferable.

I'll push the red button this weekend hopefully
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