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Ciao AmigaSystem:

Well, BB3 o 4 are unofficial, so I can not give support to them. It is better if you start with an OS3.9 BB2 and you stay with that.

Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
- Installation on OS3.9 AGA (BoingBag 1-2-3-4) -> OKno problem, but after installing Picasso96 you can not get a screen UAEGFX, probable conflict with the CyberGraphX?
Surely yes. I don't use UAEGFX because although AKReal plays perfect under emulation, I don't like to use emulated drivers; they have to emulate real hardware. To install Picasso you have to disable first CyberBugFixAGA.

The problems with the characters and RTG may be because of any preference you are using, or surely because you haven't disabled cyberbugfixaga.

Are you installing the Picasso on WinUAE preparing it for a real Amiga?

I ask because if you just want to have RTG on WinUAE and if you've added the Picasso rom for it, then you just have to go to Tools, "Better Config" and double click on "Install". It will make all the work for you in two clicks. It will change the fonts, the pointer, install the drivers, enable or disable CGXAga and ... everything. If you later want again to use AGA instead of RTG you can use again Better Config and select an AGA one.

You can still try Better Config in your System, but I can not tell if BB3&4 will give you any problem.

If you are preparing it for a real amiga with an RTG board you should first reduce the amount of colors and screen size, move all the unnecessary to WBStartup/Disabled, and then search "DisableCGXAga&Birdie" on Tools and use it. Later install your RTG drivers and later enable Birdie. You also can try another method: You use "Better Config" and select the option for RTG. Then before rebooting, install the RTG drivers you are going to use and then change the screen mode too.

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