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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
Anyway, about the Apollo-core: Why on earth as a democoder would I want to make an Apollo-core demo (it wouldn't be an Amiga-demo, because it wouldn't work on any other Amiga setup) and limit myself to an even tinier audience than I already do? If I want more CPU-power or gfx-features, there are far better options available if I'm abandoning the Amiga anyway.

Edit: It's pretty much the same situation as with PPC-amigas, there's very little classic Amiga left in the platform.
Well, I'd say Natami idea is different to PPC for one huge and important reason. Legacy compatibility in hardware, not software emulation. But that's another topic...
OK, so you are simply not the guy that will do an Apollo-core demo, that's fine. Go code vanilla A1200 demos, we love those too. I love c64 demos too btw.. and 64k PC category.. list is actually pretty long ;-) But someone else with a different attitude than you might wanna look at this new platform and explore it.
Let's not have a problem with that 😆
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