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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
I think people tend to remember the A500 demos as i suppose they were more memorable, by the time AGA demos were hitting, they just didn't seem to have the 'wow' factor in the same way, some were good yeah, but by the time of the mid 90s and they were trying to make proper 3D routines, they just didn't match up to the dinosaur on the PS1.

But there were thousands of AGA demos that pushed the hardware, i used to have loads of those AGA demo compilation CD's back in the mid 90's that didn't use accelerators, so to say there wasn't any is incorrect, again it was just the OCS demos wow us more with 1985 hardware.
And of course the audience was MUCH bigger for OCS demos. Thus more people are remembering them with fond thoughts.

AGA came little late and only minority of Amiga users went for it really, and AGA demos aren't seen in that degree.

I remember that I enjoyed a lot of the more colorful AGA demos back then before the accelerator/C2P times. Something like Real by Complex, Nexus7 by Andromeda, etc.
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