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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
Well, AGA _IS_ barely scratched. Like Akira said, most AGA-demos rely on accelerators to do all the work and then just use the AGA-chipset as a framebuffer. This doesn't make the AGA-demos any less fantastic though.

But I suggest you put your money where your mouth is and start working on that Vampire-demo now, show us what wonders the Apollo-core can do.
Does this mean you will code a demo that shows the true power of AGA then?

Also, like Akira you seem to believe these are somehow mutually exclusive. I hope we're not yet down to one last coder, and he needs to decide to code for either an A500 or A1200 or Apollo-core.
Keep coding on whatever hardware you want, but why be opposed to a demo that demonstrates the power of a new system to inspire other dev? The Apollo-core is rather pointless if everyone has the attitude that nothing new should be coded for it.
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