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Originally Posted by juen View Post
we don't make bootable cd32 disc because we don't have any rights for use of CD32.TM file.. maybe it is legal for sure? i don't know..
I need to understand if you have any legal basis to say and do this or if it is just some kind of preventative measure. As far as I know NOBODY has enforced any licensing issues on anyone using those files.

I'm asking about this because your words about not releasing for CD32 because of the CD32.TM file have scared many people who were looking to release their homebrew software for the CD32, if this is based on real data coming from actual cases where someone enforced their licensing rights on anybody else, I'd like to know, but if it's just prevention, I'd also like to know. I don't even know who nowadays could have ANY authority to "grant a Developer License Agreement", if you read the same legal docs, it also says the following:
If you wish to place any files and programs from Amiga Workbench disks on your CD, you must execute the appropriate Workbench License.
Meaning you can't even distribute any CD that uses ANY command that came with ANY Workbench disk. If people are going to be sticklers to rules from 20 years ago, they shouldn't release any discs that use stuff like "loadwb", "assign" or whatever.
The official docs also don't seem to mention there's any financial exchange in acquiring a license:
Please note that having a license does not make you a member of our
registered developer support programs, nor are you required to be a
registered developer to execute a license. Anyone can execute a license.
... but there's NOBODY nowadays to acquire a license from. It seemed to me like it was a paper that you would complete, send back to them and they would sign too.

I hate that this kind of limbo and bullshit people like Cloanto or Hyperion who go left and right claiming whatever makes people scared and homebrew development impaired.

Keep up the great work (and I LOVE River Raid and am looking forward very much to your new game!)
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