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HippoPlayer does have an option to choose between vblank and CIA timing, but the docs say the PS3M player doesn't use that.

From the 2.4.2b6 changelog the only two entries which look like they might be relevant are:
- Fullscreen RTG mode refresh rate uses chipset mode refresh rate or rate directly set in Expansions panel. Automatically selects lower available refresh rate if selected rate is unsupported.
- Added option to enable/disable RTG vblank interrupt emulation. Previously it was automatically enabled if Refresh rate option wasn't set to disabled. Moved to separate GUI option because of above new feature and because some games don't like RTG board generated interrupts.

Maybe experiment with enabling/disabling the hardware vertical blank interrupt option (RTG board settings page), and change the RTG refresh rate to different settings (Chipset, Default, 50, etc.)???
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