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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
So basically, they are not the same, although they share common ground, and both of them donĀ“t contain the latest modules available, and I am not talking only about hacks, but also some work that the former Amiga Inc. developers have done to bugfix and enhance them. BoingBag 3&4 contains these newer modules, and of course, some other stuff too.
They are basically the same. There are more differences between the BB1 ROM update and the BB2 ROM update than there is between KS3.1+BB2 ROM update and the 3.X kickstarts - the 3.X kickstarts are for any practical purpose a 3.9 kickstart.

And, exec.library 45.21 from Cosmos? Really?

And then here, I am just mentioning kickstart differences.
Which was what the basis for this discussion.

Disk based differences from AmigaOS 3.9 and Amiga Forever 2016 3.x are also quite relevant.
Nope, not at al relevant.

The question was very simple - does BB3+4 work with the 3.X kickstart?

I do not see any reason why not. It makes perfect sense to buy 3.X kickstart when you have OS3.9, simply to make life easier.

So the point Minuous made, still stands.
I do not think so, but whatever, I cherry-pick whatever components I want anyhow.

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