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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
No because I am 100% sure WinUAE behavior matches real CDTV. (My CDTV, at least when using 1.3 + 1.0 = 34.1001, not 34.2. My other CDTV with newer ROMs is currently too unstable) I still suspect you have modified ROMs.
The problem isn't with the 1.0 extended rom though.
It's the 2.7/2.3 roms showing correct values on the real CDTV and WinUAE showing no lower than 37.
WinUAE shows version 34 with ext 1.0 roms.

There's is nothing modified about the roms I use.
I used genuine KS images to make the Kickstart rom, nothing added, nothing taken away.
The extended roms are from the Internet and have worked fine. They are the same one's that I use in WinUAE.

What I/we need is someone else, with a real CDTV, with 2.3/2.7 ext roms and KS1.3, to chime in and post the results of the exec.library.
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