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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
My real CDTV with KS 1.3 + 1.0 extended: exec is 34.1001 (comes from extended ROM). Not 34.2.

Is your CDTV modified or something? Does the extended ROM actually work? CDTV boot screen appears and version number is correct in bottom/left?
Well not really modified, 2.3 extended rom, 27c160 eprom with 4 kickstarts,
4mb fast and a SCSI2SD HD.

The extended rom shows 2.3 on the CDTV boot screen. Without a floppy connected, the screen is red, and I can use KS 3.1, so I would imagine it's working O.K.

Anyway, can you get WinUAE to report the same exec as above when using extended roms 2.7/2.3 with KS1.3
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