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Amiga Emulation Beginner: Questions

Hello, wonderful people of this website. I come in peace

Trying to get a foothold into the world of the Amiga and looking into getting a nice front end among other things going

I got the Amiga Forever 2016 Value Edition Emulator installed just yesterday. Seems very well put together comes preconfigurated and works with the xbox 360 usb controller right off the bat!

I have tried WinUAE and FS-UAE with some difficulty got them to work with issues.


(1) About the loading time for Amiga games in the emulator I find after starting a game in an emulator (amigaforever) they will take a while to start up to 2 minutes of loading screens. Is this normal ? or does a fast way exist.

(2) Front end + screenshots next to the game name, I have played with WinUAE,FS-UAE could not get it to work right, however with (amigaforever) it seems already setup by default. Anyone know how to add games + screenshots into it and have it work right such as what type of files are compatible no-intro etc.

(3) Do people still use the Amiga computer in these modern times for other stuff asides from playing games ? Do people use it to program on (games) or other ? make midi music, or editing of some kind ? I know the atari st computer can still get used for the music stuff.

PS, I'm using a windows computer with 64bit windows 7. - Reasonably fast I might add.

Again thanks for your time, very excited to learn more


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