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Thanks. Maybe I should clarify this once ubiquitous notion of swapping. Back in the days, cracked games used to spread through BBS but also during so called "copy parties". I had a few friends and pen mates who were more or less introduced to the scene, and that's how I bought gallons (not gallons, but quite a few) of cheap blank floppies for my A500 and for some other's fancy... In 1993 (or was it 1994 ?), I got tired with it and the shameful lack of hardware additions. Four years later I was gathering components for PC gaming on a Pentium II PeeCee.
Played on the Playstation One afterwards, and extensively on the N64 too.

Favorite platformer : Black Tiger, most impressive maze title : Marble Madness
favorite schmup : R-Type II, favorite exploration in isometric view : Get Dexter
Adventure / action : Rocket Ranger, Name challenging side scroller ? Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, space sim : Infogrames' I-War
team sports : Speedball II ~ Brutal Deluxe, old school 2D exploration : l'Aigle d'Or (Thomson and CPC versions) deserves a mention for its sheer simplicity.

A word to the gifted, most active coders, sceners and such if I may :
Byte-by-byte game preservation, analyzing games mechanisms and disassembling their assets, all this is great.
That said, actual retrogaming by the masses, on dusty PCs bearing too wide LCD's is mostly what's it's all about,
when all said and done (playing old computer games when one is up to it
beats grabbing its PSP when bored with (current) next gen Prince of Persia IMHO,
or even watching longplay after longplay).

That's all, folks!

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