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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
And here's a quick 3d model and render ;-)
I made the case dimensions so that it would fit a 1200 mobo (~20x42cm)

Beautiful, simple and elegant. If this ever gets made and is at an affordable price, I will consider it very seriously.

Also, kinda related but a bit OT: I sort-of "hate" to say it, but I think the future of the Amiga is in the FPGA technology. In a few years time we'll see complete and "upgraded" Amigas built (programmed) entirely into an FPGA board. Those will fit on basically any computer case or box. Sure, the original hardware will always be special and always a lot more expensive, but if we want the Amiga platform to survive on the long run (and, especially, to evolve), then the future is on FPGA. Custom-made cases for these boards would be awesome.
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