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Well, 1996 is 20 years ago now.

Assembly has not forgotten anything.. Pehu and Abyss both are still running the party and have seen it all. Perhaps some individual organizers weren't born yet when the C64 scene began, but that's not their fault. :-)

I've been the organizer of the oldskool compo at Assembly since 2007. If you dig through the archived ASM websites, you can see that the compo has ranged from very old school to mid school over these years, according to my whims and what the contestants have been whining about to me about.

Nevertheless, whatever I've done, hardly anyone has competed in the oldskool compo lately.. It's much nicer to complain. :-D One nice surprise was the Amiga year last year, we got a healthy amount of entries then.

Some say that Assembly is a lamer party, yet it's one of the main PC scene release parties of the summer.. Lots of good productions from that side. It's the vintage platform sceners who hate it. :-)
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