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Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
Ultimately I wouldn't mind seeing every question have an answer - even: "what is a Kickstart ROM?". Since we are dealing swith such an old system I think there's an opportunity to create a 'bible' that's very good at giving you the results you want. But we may need to discriminate more
Yes, that would be the ideal.
Although a structured wiki would also be simpler to browse systematically, having answers to even simple questions is very helpful to allow newcomers to the machine who would be scared by a big huge wiki.
(Kind of like Wikipedia already contains many of the information listed in Stack Overflow answers but it is not structured to allow question based search.)

Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
Besides the link I already gave ( ), is there anything you'd like to add?
The Ubuntu rules are sound and would fit just fine indeed.
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