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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
* Added led.image 42.2.

On disk, not KS.
A class that never was released, and hence never was used.
I do not quite see the purpose of putting this in the BB, what software will ever use it?
It was released previously, eg. on the Amiga Developer CD. Various programs already use it, eg. OnyxBase, LedA, EasyGUI, BackClock, etc. Having it as part of the OS makes it more likely other programs will make use of it in the future.

BB3&4 V1.21 has been released, changelog is:
Moved some files that were in the wrong locations.
Improved "Tools|Edit text file..." command.
Updated rexxsyslib.library 44.2 patch from 1.0 to 2.1.
Updated icon.library from 46.4.418 to 46.4.420.
Updated RAM-Handler from 44.23 to 44.24.
Fixed startup-sequence for core-only installations.

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