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Originally Posted by morbius View Post
So theoretically, if i can run Chaos engine and Cool Spot (both are copies), then i should be able to run Superfrog and Alien breed 92 (both are cracked copies with invincibility options). If so i presume it points to the software being faulty on the latter 2. I can run Alien Breed so far but then it says that i haven't got the ram or it isn't enabled. As for Superfrog, i get past the initial screens which give in game cheat options, but when i reach the screen with the start game heading it just locks when selected and the floppy drive keeps trying to load it. At the end of the day i would just like to confirm that my hardware is functioning correctly, before i start hunting for some original 1 meg only games. Thanks everyone for your help.
Hello there morbius,

Ok, here are the .ADFs that use in WinUAE and definitely work with 512KB Chip RAM + 512KB Slow RAM:

In The Zone! you will find an archive with all of the above inside named "For"

To get access to The Zone! see here:

Afterwards all you need to do is get the .ADF files across to Amiga disks. Search EAB, there are various methods to achieve this.
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