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Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
What about styling it similar to the a1200 and 500 but more of a spiritual successor.
So a new design that might cater for a potential standalone Vampire board and A1200 reloaded as well as classics - I find it really hard to imagine that another straight A1200 case project can get funded - the last one fought every inch of the way to the finish line - just a thought.
Yea I agree, not sure another project with an A1200 style case can easily be funded. The new A1200 already allows you to attach a Mist or Reloaded or Raspberry Pi..

Maybe a completely different forms factor would stand a better chance..
something like "half a pizza -box" style thing.. (imagine half a A1000) with standard keyboard connectors..

Damn maybe I need to do a 3d mockup now... ;-)
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