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Sound in Windows 10

I'm testing WinUAE in Windows 10. I noticed that only one or two sampling rates can be selected in WinUAE. Is that normal for Win 10?

Microsoft HD Audio driver. Default audio format (in speakers properties in Control Panel) was set to 16 bit, 48kHz and all enhancements disabled.

WASAPI EX: Can choose either 48000 or 44100 in WinUAE. Anything else gets changed automatically to 44100, with this log output for example:
WASAPI: IsFormatSupported(2,00000003,22050) (-1,-1) 88890008
WASAPI: '{}.{a8a313e4-a52d-4cad-80bf-a621a9f24945}'
WASAPI: EX=1 CH=2 FREQ=44100 BUF=512 (4096)

WASAPI shared: Anything other than 48000 gets changed to 48000. (Previously when I had the default format set to 44.1kHz, whatever sample rate I chose WinUAE always used 44100.)

It seems whatever I set the default sample rate to (including 96 or 192kHz), that's the (only) rate which WinUAE uses in WASAPI non-exclusive mode.
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