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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Ok, got my adapter and flashed the latest Amiga firmware. Results are a mixed bag.


Microsoft wireless mouse 5000 = not detected


Sega Saturn original USB pad from Sega SLS = detected, but only the directions work. None of the buttons.

SNES original pad with Tomee USB adapter = works fine in joystick and gamepad mode but i can't switch to CD32 pad mode.

Mega Drive original 6-Button pad with Retrolink Adapter (2 ports) = detected but not properly. Sometimes the button work but the directions not, or the directions left+up are activated at once permanently.

Logitech Gamepad F310 with cable = works fine in joystick and gamepad mode. I can switch to CD32 pad mode. This works fine in Psygore's joystick test program and with original CD32 games via WHDLoad installed. BUT: The disk games patched for full CD32 pad support in WHDLoad acts mostly strange (tested with Giana Sisters, Slam Tilt, Hybris, Battle Squadron and Flashback. Though Midnight Resistance was fine). The four main buttons seems all the same and running in some kind of autofire. And the games freezes some times completely the machine.

Logitech Dual Action with cable = same like the F310.

Well, i hope you can fix some of this issues with a new firmware. Tell me what infos you need, spidi.

Please download and run this program (for Windows) and result for each device send me.

Then on Windows run Game Controllers (for example Windows XP and Polish )

Assign buttons for numbers and send it to me.
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