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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Pieces of "OS3.2" replace the remaining pieces of 3.1 that were still in the original 3.9 release and they are pretty well documented.
No they don't, there are plenty of 3.1 pieces left in 3.9. And how/where are the v42 pieces documented? In the source code, I presume.

* Clock from 40.1 to 42.1.

On disk, Not KS.
Yes - good old clock, that barely anyone uses. Nothing really new, maybe some bugfixes and it now features a $VER string, seems the old 3.1 one was missing that.

* Updated iffparse.library from 40.1 to 42.2.

On disk, not KS.
I don't know what is new here.

* Updated CrossDOSFileSystem from 40.19 to 40.24.
On disk, not KS.
I don't know, nor do I care - this filesystem (with its odd quirks, like charset/linefeed conversions) is simply redundant today, we have FAT95.

* Updated Wait from 37.3 to 42.1.

On disk, not KS.
Option flag FILE/K added, wait can now wait for a file to exist, yay.

* Updated Sort from 37.3 to 42.1.

On disk, not KS.
Option flag DESCENDING/S added, reverses the result, yay.

* Updated BindDrivers from 38.2 to 42.1.

On disk, not KS.
BindDrivers, the command that deals with files in SYS:Expansion.
I never had any file in SYS:Expansion, did you? I am curious what hardware needed this features. Anyways, I have no idea what this update is, I have not looked at the changelog.

* Added led.image 42.2.

On disk, not KS.
A class that never was released, and hence never was used.
I do not quite see the purpose of putting this in the BB, what software will ever use it?

* Added MacPaint datatype 42.1.
* Added ICO datatype 42.1.
* Added PCX datatype 42.1.

On disk, not KS.
I skipped these, as I simple never use those formats, and even if I did, there are far better alternatives on aminet.

To sum it up - _nothing_ in the kickstart was updated with v42 components, there are plenty of 3.1 (and earlier) modules left.

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