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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
I meant to say, in this order, that the OS4 UAE Board required a big change on WinUAE code and that you have too little time to fix all these things and this is bad, because I prefer to see the emulator enhance on the CPU and chipset emulation level.

I meant to say too, that you are a good and experient coder, but that the decision to add PPC compatibility to WinUAE maybe was not just too good, maybe because of the reason cited above.
The point (which I have repeated many times) is that there is not many interesting things to do anymore. All remaining compatibility problems are extremely difficult and very time consuming to find out (= remaining undocumented features, 68020 CPU internal timing) and there is still no guarantee it fixes anything. All remaining fixes are just boring fixes, rewrites for better code quality etc..

Finding out complex undocumented features has nothing to do with being coder, good or bad.

This stuff at least is new and interesting coding challenge (Doing unexpected things with AmigaOS internals is always fun) and it even helps m68k AOS compatiblity in some corner case situations and it also meant some extra money (and I don't mean just donations..).

Same happened with expansion devices, video port adapters: I wanted to do something new and interesting.
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