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Originally Posted by dannyp1 View Post is almost dead because of people like kolla. Now we have him here spreading his poison. The BB4 people help keep the hobby alive which by the way, helps Cloanto, Jens, and AmigaKit stay in business. If you don't think that there should be a BB4 project, then don't download it. If everybody thinks like kolla and refuses to download it and use it then it will disappear.
You got me backwards. Sheesh, are people misunderstanding on purpose? I use BB3+4 pieces myself all the time, I make my own kickstarts for all my systems. This helps Cloanto you say, yet Cloanto are the ones going after people who spread the OS3.1 sources (and v42 (aka 3.2) pieces used in this ver BB3+4 release).

It was not _I_ who removed the links, it was the guy posting it - on request of after Thomas Richter reported him. is _owned_ by AEON and your precious AmigaKit that you mention. THEY did it - I did NOT.

My point in all this, is that "our beloved leaders" in this community show a inconsistent judgement, attacking for example Cosmos for tinkering and releasing his patches, yet ignoring and even praise blatant piracy in the next. My goal would be to make these self acclaimed leaders accept that they cannot have it their way, this community will do whatever the heck we want, and there is nothing they can do about it.

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